Signs of ADHD

Here are some signs of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) that I published in my book French Neurotic Confesses, in the chapter on the Neuropsychological Assessment.

Severe difficulty concentrating

  • Inability to stay still, especially when the activity is not interesting.
  • Easily distracted by external stimuli (fly, sound, smell, sudden thought).
  • Difficulty organizing and channeling thoughts.
  • Confusion when summarizing a story, movie, or book. It remains very confusing because of all your intrusive thoughts, and you get lost in it. Obviously, you loses others with you!

Difficulty making decisions

Everything, or almost everything, takes you twice as long as a normal person, and it is very difficult for you to make a decision because of your intrusive thoughts.

Impulsivity and restlessness

Impulsivity, restlessness or excessive activity, impatience: You get anxious and restless where others don’t see a problem, such as in a queue or when you have to make choices, for example. Sitting still, organizing your time, and setting priorities are a big pain in the neck! In fact, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for you to watch a three-hour movie. It’s a superhuman effort!

Lack of concentration and organization

  • Mind mappingStarting multiple tasks without finishing them. You have so many ideas that you can’t do everything, so you start a ton of things but don’t finish them. You quickly move on to something else. This leads to the frustration of not being able to do everything and never finishing what you start. It’s a real mess in your head!
  • Difficulty falling asleep and lack of restful sleep, since thoughts are racing, as usual!
  • Mind mapping, or Tree-like thinking: and ability to take risks and solve problems. The more complicated it is, the better it is when it comes to taking risks or solving problems. Your brain thinks differently, more like a tree.

Other signs

  • Inability to focus on one thing at a time.
  • Procrastination.
  • Poor time management skills, or even lack of the concept of time, which can lead to delays and a tendency to do things at the last minute
  • Short-term memory lapses.
  • Excessive hypersensitivity, frequent mood swings.
  • Low self-esteem.


  • Anxiety disorders, tics, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  • Mood or bipolar disorders.
  • Developmental coordination disorder.
  • Autism spectrum disorders.
  • Specific learning disabilities.
  • Eating disorders.
  • DYS disorders (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysphasia, etc.).


It is important to note that not all people with ADHD exhibit all of the listed signs.
However, comorbidity is very common in people with ADHD.

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