Embracing Autism at 56

Late diagnosis

Discover the inspiring story of Sandrine Plassard in her latest autobiographical tale: Embracing Autism at 56.

This sincere and deeply personal testimony recounts the journey of Sandrine, who discovered her autism at the age of 56.

In this book, she shares her unique experience of late-in-life autism discovery and the profound repercussions that this disorder entails. She explores the differences she has always felt, the communication and social integration difficulties she faces, and the anxieties that have marked her journey. The identification of her autism has finally given meaning to all these aspects of her life.


Sandrine immerses us in the meanders of her atypical daily life, clearly describing concepts such as prosopagnosia, telephonophobia, alexithymia, and aphantasia. She guides us through these mysterious terms that have allowed her to put words to her pain, thus offering a deep understanding of her unique reality.

This story is not only a personal exploration, but also a true quest for self-acceptance and rebirth. Sandrine shares her immense relief at finally finding an answer to her questions, and she does so with a combination of humility, insight, and humor that makes her testimony deeply human and accessible to all.

Autism Awareness


Embracing Autism at 56 also invites us to question our own perceptions of autism and to change our perspective on this still misunderstood disorder.

By sharing her story, Sandrine reminds us that the discovery of one’s true identity can happen at any age and encourages us to support awareness and understanding of autism spectrum disorder.

This book is a true call for empathy and kindness towards those who live with autism, and it is sure to touch readers of all backgrounds.


Embracing Autism at 56 reminds us that autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is a part of human diversity and teaches us the importance of acceptance and mutual understanding.

Embracing Autism at 56 is now available in English from her partner Amazon.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover an inspiring story that will change your perspective on autism.

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