A Neurotic Confesses

After being diagnosed with Asperger‘s autism at the age of 56, Sandrine Plassard finally understands why she has always felt so different and why her life has been so challenging.

Her first book, A Neurotic in Lockdown, chronicled her experience of the COVID-19 lockdown from the perspective of a neurotic woman. In her second book, A Neurotic Confesses, she delves deeper into her unique daily life.

Following her late diagnosis, Sandrine wrote a third book, Embracing Autism at 56, to share how her life has changed and to explain some of the challenges associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

First book published in French in 2020: A Neurotic in Lockdown



This journal takes you on a journey into the mind of a neurotic French woman during the COVID-19 lockdown.

She candidly recounts her daily life with her lockdown buddies, as well as the many events and anecdotes that occurred during this time.

Slip into the very particular and unknown daily life of obsessive-compulsive and affective disorders during this delicate period.

Can you relate to this atypical woman who was diagnosed with autism after the release of this book published in French in 2020?


Second book published in French in 2021: A Neurotic Confesses



Despite her above-average intelligence, this woman often comes across as a ditz. The reason? Her obsessive neuroses and many eccentricities.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder makes her lose all her means and masks her true personality.

She invites you to discover her atypical way of thinking, her unusual functioning and her permanent anxieties, in short, her tumultuous life as a hyperactive neurotic.

… with a touch of humor!

Third book published in French in 2023: Embracing Autism at 56

autism-late-diagnosticFor Sandrine, discovering her autism at 56 was a life-changing revelation.

Everything suddenly made sense: her differences, her misunderstandings, her anxieties, her struggles with integration. Finally, she had a word to explain it all: autism.

In this moving autobiographical account, Sandrine shares the immense relief she felt at finally understanding herself. She explores mysterious concepts like prosopagnosia, telephonophobia, alexithymia, and aphantasia, and how they have shaped her unique experiences.

Sandrine’s story testifies to the power of self-discovery and the need of early diagnosis. With humility, insight, and humor, she recounts the challenges she faced in obtaining her diagnosis and her commitment to raising awareness about autism spectrum disorder.

This book will challenge your perceptions of autism and inspire you to embrace your own unique journey. It is never too late to discover who you truly are.

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