The Author

Sandrine PlassardSandrine Plassard is a professional translator who also loves to write. She has always enjoyed writing, as she recounts in her second book. It was during the first lockdown that she started her first book entitled A Neurotic in Lockdown.

In this first testimony, she tells the story of her life as a neurotic person during the period of the first lockdown linked to the Covid pandemic in 2020.

You can find the author’s biography with her portrait, her professional life and her interests on the website of her first novel.

A Neurotic in Lockdown

A Historical Novel

In this first novel, the author tackles the major events and anecdotes of this unprecedented period. You will find a chronicle of the elements of this first lockdown that you may have forgotten, as well as some anecdotes: some sad, some moving, and some funny or pathetic. A book to keep in your library!

An Eloquent Novel

This diary will allow you to discover the lockdown from the point of view of a neurotic woman with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or ADHD). You can find more details about these terms in the References tab.

A Neurotic Confesses

In this second book, the author focuses more on her mental state and the atypical life that results from it, a life of permanent anxiety. It is with humor that Sandrine Plassard tells you about her daily life as a neurotic and hyperactive person.

We tend to think that neurotics are idiots or depressed, but this is absolutely not the case, even if they can also be depressed, at times, like everyone else. I would even say that they are less likely to be depressed since they tend to get used to everything, but that’s just my opinion. I’m not a psychiatrist!

Plassard SandrineYou will undoubtedly be very surprised and amused to read about her various oddities and extravagant reactions, perhaps touched by the chapter on her teenage diaries. You will also follow her journey of diagnosis and recognition as a disabled worker, as well as her care by very involved therapists.

Some chapters, such as those on hypercontrol and emotions, the feeling of rejection, and what exasperates her, for example, will plunge you directly into her tumultuous life, while remaining a bit amusing for the readers.

People with ADHD will undoubtedly find themselves throughout the reading, even if all of them, fortunately, are not neurotic.

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