Personal development

From Lockdown to Liberation: An Autistic Woman’s Journey of Self-Discovery

Personal development

My Story

I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 56, after a lifetime of feeling different and misunderstood. Like many autistic women, I masked my symptoms for years, struggling to fit in and conform to societal expectations.

In this blog post, I’m excited to share with you my journey as an autistic woman and the three books I’ve written to share my experiences.

My Books

late diagnosisMy first book, A Neurotic in Lockdown, is a memoir of my experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. In it, I share how the lockdown exacerbated my autistic traits and led to a period of intense self-reflection.

My second book, A Neurotic Confesses, offers a unique perspective. While I hadn’t yet received my autism diagnosis at the time of writing, I instinctively explored the challenges I faced. You might even say I was confessing my neuroticism without fully understanding why. However, the book takes a hopeful turn as I unknowingly pave the way for future self-discovery. This journey of self-acceptance culminates in my third book, Embracing Autism at 56.

Personal development, through self-reflection and exploration, can be a powerful tool on the path to self-discovery.

Here, armed with my diagnosis, I delve deeper into understanding myself as an autistic woman and offer insights on thriving in this unique identity. This book is a journey of self-discovery, highlighting the importance of embracing your authentic self and the power of personal development for autistic individuals.

Why I Translated My Books into English

I decided to translate my books into English in order to reach a wider audience and raise awareness about autism. I believe that my experiences can help other autistic women and their families to better understand autism and its impact on their lives.

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